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What is The Dreamers Society?

What is The Dreamers Society?

Well friends, I can't seem to stay away from the side business, helping friends with their marketing strategies, websites and brand building. I am happiest when my life is full of meaningful projects and moments, which happens a lot when you work with super talented folks.

I would like to introduce my newest side project, that's been incubating for a few months now, The Dreamers Society. As if having a family to care for, an amazing 9-5, a bachelors program and a house remodel are not enough... some dreams are just meant to come true. 

When I was on my extended maternity leave over three years ago I started picking up some freelance work helping build websites, design logos, update code and create digital ads. It was fun, but just about 2 years ago I returned to my 9-5. The first year back to full time marketing was an adjustment, especially when my family decided to buy a fixer upper... but as soon as we settled in the side projects came sneaking up on me. A full website build, a business plan from scratch, logo re-do, online reputation help... all of these fun projects for friends. (And friends of friends.

Each time I decided to help someone I had a little dread. Am I going to hate it this time? What if I can't complete the job? Will my 9-5 work suffer from me staying up late? Will I have enough time with my family? However, all of these (legitimate) concerns never really came up as I poured my heart into each project. I would put Peter to sleep and work late over a kettle of tea on building a little portion of these friends dreams. 

There is something amazing that happens when you let people tell you about their dreams. When you sit with someone and ask what their business goals are, what they are trying to accomplish, what they're doing to make it happen. One of the best things I do is help people bring their visions to life. Many freelancers, artists, hair stylists and business owners are really good at their craft. They are confident enough in their skills and ambition that they dream about being self sustaining, affording a bookkeeper, opening a physical location... but they don't know how to get there.

Over the years of helping these people as my side project I've seen the owners and their business's grow. Every time I think my schedule is full, I am asked for a little help- and I've never regretted making the time. 

One thing that I noticed is that I create a lot of the same templates, resource sheets and instructions for these business owners. Or, someone brings me a general plan or template that they paid for - which is free in many other places or not worth the money they paid. I hate seeing freelancers being taken advantage of, small business owners paying big bucks for content scheduling and photographers loosing money on stolen photos. So I've created this official little site where I will be sharing free quality resources. Stay tuned, subscribe to the Facebook page and Instagram feed and email me with any questions. 

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