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Embroidery & Needlework Artists...

Embroidery & Needlework Artists...

...that make social media work for them. 

Here is the thing about social media, everyone wants to be #trending, but all trends have such niches. People take their talents and their visions and squash them into the trend box so all that pops out is filtered crap that looks and sounds like everyone else's posts. Don't be that person! 

I want to take time to highlight two of my most favorite instagram feeds -- that are very different. Then I'll talk about how these fabulous artists have gotten social media to work for them, not how they fit into trends. 

Tiny Cup Needleworks - Britt "Hutch", Chicago  

Tiny Cup Needleworks skeleton

I've been following Britt for quite some time. She has a unique style with solid stitching skills. Some of her stitches I just stare at in bewilderment... because I've tried them, a lot. I know they take practice. 

Tiny Cup Needleworks Instagram

Skeleton bones, flowers and pretty stitches. But, do you notice something different about her feed from some other artists? She throws in quite a few personal posts... almost 50/50. Also, her post text is so frank. Her website too...

Tiny Cup Needleworks Website

With her 2,267 posts she is at 41.8k follower. Her Instagram feed isn't what the marketing pro's recommend. She includes personal moments and selfies. However, she is consistent. In posting, her tone, and her artistic style. She knows herself and her audience. 

SEW FAR SEW GOODDanielle Clough, Capetown 

This artist does it all. Photographer, Needleworker, Visual artist for gigs and so much more. But you wouldn't know that from her instagram...

Fiance Knowles by Danee Clough

"Dee" has her Instagram page textbook branded. She takes the same type of photos of her amazing vibrant art. She uses nature and whitespace and lets her colorful pieces do the talking. 

Danielle Clough Needlework

Can we take a minute to just appreciate her work? While totally a different style than TinyCup, she is equally as talented. Her stitches are less traditional textbook and more like a photo... Her choices of fabric, tennis rackets and fences are unique and beautiful. 

Danielle Clough Embroidery

Do you see the marked difference between the two feeds? Here is one of the remarkable things... In just 830 posts she has gained 61.8k followers

Her website is beautiful and feels exactly like her Instagram feed - a very intelligent design move, as her Instagram is, for sure, her main referral source.  

Danee Clough Website

Here is what we don't know:

  • How are their conversions of followers to customers? 

  • Are the artists wanting more work or maxed out?

  • What are their dreams?

Both of these artists are successful. I can only assume that Britt does this as a full time business - but so does Dee. Both are happy and successful and playing to their strengths. There are no doubts that from needle to Instagram to store these ladies are totally different styles of business owner... But if I got an interview with them, I would bet both are busy, happy and still have more dreams...


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Beauti(ful) Instagram

Beauti(ful) Instagram

What is The Dreamers Society?

What is The Dreamers Society?