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Bradley School of Music

Bradley School of Music

We've been attending Bradley School of Music's open mic nights, concerts and fundraiser events for over two years and have ceased to be amazed. The atmosphere when you walk into their Lafayette business you instantly feel welcomed.  But don't just take our word for it.... Check out some of these great reviews from their students: 



Bradley School of Music is a community of people who love music. The school promotes the principals of community involvement, education through the arts, inclusiveness, team building, and personal development. They provide a friendly and positive learning environment with an emphasis on building student confidence in both themselves and their instrument.


The program is designed to build confidence in every student. The curriculum is custom tailored to provide unique challenges to each student, helping them reach short term goals. These, in conjunction with positive feedback and community support, help a student build confidence.


Music is their passion. The teachers and staff are a community of musicians that have devoted their lives to music. Their evident dedicated to sharing that passion with the community is helping a new generation of music lovers emerge. . Let us help you find and foster your passion for music.

Monthly Lessons cost between $160-180 a month and include more than just a one on one lesson. 

  • All Teaching Materials

  • 30 minute private lessons

    Adult Jam 
    Family Jam 
    Open Counseling 
    Video Profile

  • Seminar Series Access

  • Group classes w/ teacher approval

  • Mock Auditions

  • Guidance Counseling

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