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Big Kiss Little Kiss

Big Kiss Little Kiss

This week we got to chat with Gabrielle Lutze, founder of Big Kiss Little Kiss, a kids clothing line. We had the privilege of getting a tour of the studio in Walnut Creek where Gabrielle brings timeless and innocent children's clothing designs to life. 

While this spring will be the first production season of Big Kiss Little Kiss designs, Gabrielle has been sewing since adolescence. Her mother bought her a sewing machine when she was 12 and a she discovered a new world. Her earliest projects including thrifting second hand clothes from the 50's, 60's and 70's - and altering them to bring a breath of youth to classic pieces. 

Now as a wife and mom of three beautiful kids, Gabrielle has leapt into the kid's fashion world with both feet. As you can see from her fabulous Instagram feed...

Big Kiss Little Kiss designs have classic, simple silhouettes that showcases the sweetness of the child and leaves room for their personality to shine. 

The spring line was designed 'backwards' with eco-friendly production in mind.

The designs started with a trip to LA's Fabric District for 'deadstock' fabric. Big companies ditch large amounts of really great fabric yearly. However, the creation of fabric is taxing on our environmental resources, so by starting the design process with fabrics that need a home - designers are doing their part to create less waste. Next, Gabi got to work creating patterns for babies and children that have a pleasing aesthetic and are comfortable for kids to play, nap and explore in! 

We just love dreamers like Gabi - who have become a cornerstone in the creative community of the East Bay. Keep an eye out for great collaborations in the future with other makers. You can expect to see the clothing line appear this spring at pop-up shops around Walnut Creek and online. Make sure to follow this line on Facebook and Instagram to find out how to shop these looks for the little's in your life. 

Gabrielle Lutze

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